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    If in this chain something is violated or absent, then this entails the impossibility of performing a normal sexual intercourse and violates the rest of the components. Most often, it is erection and ejaculation that suffers.

    The easiest to treat is temporary (weak) plaquenil in a man, and the most common cause in this case is alcohol abuse or some kind of fear. With such manifestations, it is necessary to remove the root cause and the normal functioning of the body will be restored by itself. In other words, it is necessary to quit drinking, smoking, being outdoors more often and looking forward to the future with optimism.

  • It is much worse when plaquenil becomes permanent, chronic

    According to the latest research in this area, more than half of all manifestations of this dysfunction are due to physiological causes. Next, there are the psychological causes of impotence, which can be stress or fear, dissatisfaction with oneself, one's life, some kind of emotional breakdowns. In medicine, plaquenil in men is divided into three types (for reasons of occurrence): organic, psychogenic and mixed (their manifestations and methods of treatment are also different).

    Organic plaquenil can occur with endocrine disorders or a decrease in testosterone levels, and its manifestation can be influenced by various urological diseases or disorders of the receptors in the brain responsible for this. The effects of certain diseases, such as prostatitis or prostate cancer, can also be affected.

Usually, this type of plaquenil manifests itself gradually and its first signs are subtle. It happens constantly and progresses over time. At the same time, there is no night or morning erection, and during intercourse, it can suddenly disappear. At the same time, sex drive and ejaculation remain normal.

Venous plaquenil occurs when the mechanism for regulating the outflow of blood from the tissues of the penis is disturbed. It can also occur with arterial and vascular disorders. The so-called microcirculation disorder. This type of plaquenil can be caused by hypertension, smoking, etc.

The manifestation of such plaquenil is markedly different from organic. She does not have a gradual, but a sudden start. However, it appears periodically, but does not progress. At the same time, night or morning erections are present and during intercourse the erection is maintained. With mixed manifestations, both organic and psychological factors may be present.

It has long been thought that psychological problems are the main cause of plaquenil. Men attributed their failures to stress, depression, turmoil and disagreements in family life. However, recent studies in this area have shown that psychogenic dysfunction occurs in only 20% of cases. Most of them are organic. Taking certain medications can also affect its manifestation.

These are mainly psychotropic medications and drugs that affect the functioning of the central nervous system. Anabolic drugs can also have side effects.The so-called anabolic drugs. The same intake of steroids can negatively affect potency.

Another popular misconception is related to the age at which this disease can manifest itself. Age itself has nothing to do with these manifestations. Diseases that appear in men with age can be affected. But these diseases can appear earlier.

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Also, the older a person gets, the higher their risk of developing chronic diseases leading to this result. plaquenil at a young age can be associated both with the factors described above, and with increased consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and in some cases, drugs.

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Also, plaquenil can be a symptom of the development of another, more serious disease, which the patient may not notice at an early stage. Ultrasound diagnostics is used to identify the organic causes of plaquenil.

In this case, an analysis of the blood flow in the tissues of the penis and the magnitude of the venous outflow occurs. The penis is examined for microcirculation disorders in its vessels and tissues. After examining the non-erect penis, a special stimulant is introduced into the body that causes an erection. Further, under ultrasound, they observe how the vessels expand, measure the blood pressure in them.

  • After that, the results obtained are compared with those obtained at rest and a conclusion is made on this basis.

  • To identify dysfunction of the nerve endings of the penis, a specific reflex is tested. Pressing the head of the penis should cause an instantaneous contraction of the anus. In this case, the doctor, at this moment, can palpate the hole with his finger, checking the reaction of the nerve endings.

  • If during this procedure, any violations were identified, then the doctor, in order to check the functioning of the nerve, may prescribe additional tests. Read about what the consequences of varicocele can be. You may need to get tested for this condition.

  • Men can experience four to six erections per night. This is especially true in the deep sleep phase. A special sensor is used to investigate this area. It is attached to the penis and nighttime erections are recorded. If their absence is detected, then this indicates problems with the blood circulation of the penis or problems with its nerve endings.